Embedding Quicksite to a website and applying filters

  1. What is the process to embed a QS dashboard to a navigation bar within a website?
  2. If there are 2 dashboards that are embedded into a website (within a navigation bar on the left) can the filters from 1 dashboard be applied to the 2nd dashboard? This is different than URL Action filters that are applicable on Quicksight stand alone dashboards. This question applies to QS dashboards that are embedded into a website
  1. Check out the workshops from the link at the top of this page. There are 2 workshops for embedding that will walk you through setting it up.
  2. You can pass parameters from your application to your dashboard(s) which you can use to filter your dashboards. If you want to filter across different dashboards then you could look at the parametersChange function to pass the parameters back to the application and then onto a new dashboard.
    There are examples of passing and changing parameters in the developer portal, and you can find more in the Amazon QuickSight Javascript SDK

Thanks Steph. I had a follow-up question. I want to use Anonymous embedding as this would mean that the users do not need to be registered as Quicksight users. How do I filter the data to a particular value based on the user? Example User A should only be able to see data where user = User A and User B should only be able to see the data where user = User B.
I have seen the demo on how to use tag based RLS where I can add a tag for User column and set the tag value as User A. My concern is that the dataset would be filtered for User A, even though User B is logged in. Now, how do I do the same for User B to ensure that when User B is logged into the parent site, they are not able to see User A data?