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I am using Quicksight Enterprise version with Paginated report! I want to know the in details costing of the Quicksight service. Like which Resources is taking more cost or which user’s AUTHOR or READER mode is costing a lot of penny!

As per AWS we need to add Tags on the services to know the costing of each and everything in detail, but in case of quicksight resources we dont see an option to add any kind of tags! please suggest, this is really needed when we want to know the costing in detail to maintain a balance

Here is the costs for quicksight.

Quicksight does not charge based on resources (datasets, analysis, or dashboards). They charge for users / sessions.


So Max, Thank you @Max, is there anyway we can see the costing based on User?

You might be able to list out users and calculate it that way.


But essentially all of the pricing is listed out in the above blog.

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Hi @Max,

So with this API I can list the Users and their type like Reader/Author! But do we have any option on AWS console to see that how much these users have costed ?

You can use CloudTrail to see the dashboards that each user has viewed and then calculate an estimate of their usage cost based on that. I say “estimate” because it looks like CloudTrail tracks each view of a dashboard instead of sessions but billing is based on sessions.

This article shows how to use CloudTrail logs to create a dashboard.

You can use the same idea to create your own Usage dashboard to calculate an approximate usage cost per user. We use this method to calculate usage cost per user and per customer for our SaaS application. I don’t know if there’s a way to get more accurate numbers.



Generate CUR report with resource id option enabled. This will give you more granular view of the QuickSight charges. More details available in CUR doc page linked below.

Marking this response as solution.

Arun Santhosh

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