Explorative funnel and path analysis

is it possible to create a dynamic funnel or path analysis with quicksight? we’d like to build something similar with Google Analytics to let user select the event or screen/page for each step, and then automatically calculate the metrics and visualize for them.


Yes funnel chart is available in quick sight visuals, You can try this.


Naveed Ali

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Thanks @Naveed for the reply, but I tried funnel chart and it did not work for our use case. We are building a solution to help user to analyze customer behaviors on their apps and website. one of the key ask from the customers is to do a funnel and user journey analysis like GA, where they want to select which event or page as the key steps to generate the funnel chart or sankey chart dynamically. Right now there are only two fields on the fields well for both funnel and sankey chart, also we cannot control the order of the steps displayed.

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