Features Request: Visual setting and more

Hi, QuickSight team and community!

We use QuickSight heavily in our origination, and we like the tool. We are migrating hundreds of dashboards from Power BI to QuickSight as it is our new strategic choice for visualizing data and creating dashboards.

We like the product but need more visuals and more ability to change the visual settings. Adding more filtering options and more calculation options.

Here, I will list some of our feature wish lists:

1- Add a sorting option to GROUP/COLOR in visuals such as bar charts. We do not have more sorting options for the group color; we can only sort ascending or descending.

2- Option to add a tooltip to Tables and Pivot table.

3- Option to add a tooltip to Cluster points in maps.

4- Option to add group visuals. This is important and standard in any visualizing tool. For example, I would like to have a group of visuals grouped so I can quickly move them together.

5- Adding table row calculations: read more here https://community.amazonquicksight.com/t/feature-request-table-row-calculations/20317

6- Allow disabling or ignoring filters in the calculation. For example, I calculate a measure and display the value in a filtered visual. I’m using value inside this calculation and don’t want QuickSight to filter it. I can add something like #ignore-filters

7- For insight visuals, we need more options to change the font size, font family, and more.

8- uploading images directly to QuickSight and having a media management to avoid broken links.

9- add more options to adjust the sizing and placement in the display settings for visuals.

10- Ruler: this is important; having a moveable ruler would be a super advantage!

11- Union option in data prep. We have joins only, and I know we can do somthing like outer join, but union would be great!!!

12- Apply setting to all. For example, when you add a field to a visual and change the formatting option, such as number format, then you change the format in the data set, it will not be applied. I would be nice to have a force setting option so we will not have to edit the formatting in each visual again.

13- linking datasets. This feature is available in most of the BI tools. Having ORM or relations between datasets would be great. For example, in Power BI, we can create a visual and add data from multiple datasets! For example, add calculations from the Trial Balance data set, add another measure from FS data, and add value from the historical valuation dataset! This is doable in other BI tools because we can build relations between data sets without having to join them or add a new query!

14- Export/import visuals from one analysis to another! This is a killer feature! Rebuilding the visuals each time from dev to prod analysis is an absolute nightmare! Please add this option!

15- allow to add more sheets per analysis; I can see it is limited to 20 sheets only!

16- layers! This is another essential feature! Having a layer widget would be awesome! If you look at any page builder for WordPress, this feature is available; I know it is a different tool and use, but it wouldn’t be hard to add layer widgets so we can be more organized while editing the dashboards. For example, when you work on a free-form layout and have a visual overlaying over another visual with a transparent background, it is easier to navigate between visuals without missing the design!

17- adding a reference line feature is available, but it would be great to have the ability to add a calculated reference line with its own data labels, conditions, design options, and more.

18- Fix the issue with resetting the sort option each time we add a new value to the visual. For example, in a bar chart, where we have a year in X-AXIS and an amount in VALUE, we set the sort option to be by year; whenever you change the value field or add a new field, the sorting option will reset!!

19- Add more options to the Gauge visual, such as Min Value and Max Value based on a measure!

20- keep the visual working and presenting data from the available data in the spice while the spice is refreshing!

21- Allow the use of some Python libraries in calculated fields to do advanced calculations such as XIRR

22- update the calculated filed page to add some basic IDE features such as collapsing code blocks.

23- adding bar chart race visual: example: https://observablehq.com/@d3/bar-chart-race

24- In data prep, we can focus on “filter” fields by “All fields” and “Calculated Fields”. We would also like to have this feature on the analysis page so we can focus on calculated fields.

25- Another feature related to the above point is having the option to group fields in folders or buckets; it will be much easier to organize the fields.

26- Conditional formatting is an excellent feature. It would be great to format pivot table values when the Values position is rows.

27- Make the data, visual, filter, and other sidebars moveable, like in Photoshop; this will help when the monitor is not large enough.

28- Adding an option to change the unit label in format data; it would be great if we could edit the unit label to a custom label.

29- Adding option to change value display conditionally. For example, I’m calculating a return percentage by dividing the profit over equity, and I want to display N/A when the equity is negative.

30- Format painter. When designing a dashboard with multiple visuals, copying and applying the design options from visual to visual where applicable would be great. It is a similar option to format painter in MS Office products.

Thank you so much; I know it is a long list of requests or wishes.

Hello @haythoo, thank you for providing so much detail in your request.

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a
better service. I have tagged this as a feature request. If you have any questions about an alternative solution for any of these items or a separate issue, please post a new topic in the community so a QuickSight expert can help guide you towards a solution.

I will go ahead and archive this topic per the community guidelines for the QuickSight team. Thanks again!