Suggestions for how to improve Quicksight

I don’t know where else to post this. I made a list of frequent sources of frustration and annoyance when using QS.

  • Actions are very limited. In particular, you should be able to put more than one Select action on a visual. I frequently wish I could have a Filter Action that also sets a Parameter. That way I could change the titles of the visuals that I’m filtering.
  • If you just want to add a simple box with custom text content or an image or something, there is no intuitive way to do this. As far as I know the only way is to create an Insight, go into Customize Narrative, and add your text there. There should just be a simple “add text box” option.
  • Buttons. I should be able to create a button that does some custom action, such as enable/disable a filter, change a parameter, hide/show a visual, etc.
  • QS can’t handle very large numerical values, like in the trillions. It just gives you a sum overflow error.
  • The difference() function should work with dates.
  • The constant “import successful” popups that you have to manually close every time you load an analysis or refresh the page or anything. If there was no problem with the import then the popup should auto close after a few seconds.
  • That popup you get every time you create a Parameter, showing you the different ways to use it. I don’t need to see it for the 40th time.
  • When resizing column width in tables, columns should resize relative to the total table width. You should be able to adjust the total table width separately. There should also be a “fit to panel width” option.

I’m sure there’s some stuff I’m forgetting but that’s a good start.


Thanks for providing us with your feedback. I’ll pass along these items to our team

I am admittedly new at this, so there is much of what evanct suggests that I haven’t run into yet, but I will say lack of simple text box or image feature is maddening. I run into it constantly. For images, I am creating non-public facing urls that I can then link to using a custom visual. And to create additional instructive text to guide public users, I’ve had to use evanct’s approach as well. Hopefully this will change soon!

How would more than 1 Select action work? If you have 2 Select actions and you click on the visual, how would QuickSight know which action you want to perform?

If you want more than 1 action, you have to put them in a menu. You can then right-click on your visual and choose an action from the menu.

I have similar needs. The first bullet point is a very pressing issue for our team.