Filtering based on different measures

I have a table that has 12 measures, each measure corresponds to revenue per month, I want to add a filter where the user can select a month and a corresponding revenue number and the table filters the selected month based on the revenue number input by user and also show corresponding revenue for all other months. So end result should show all 12 months.

In this table for example I want to give 2 filters on top one for month and one for revenue, if user selects January 2022 in month and 3$ in revenue filter result should be:

All the columns except Name are measures.

hi @iti_shri,

if you create date parameter whose control allows to select the month and then, create filter with relative dates type, years period for this year range specifying the date parameter as relative to, you can get result of all the 12 months including the specified month. As for revenue filter, you should be able to use dynamic measures for the table using calc field. the example of the dashbaord is here in DemoCentral :

please let me know how it goes.

@iti_shri - Thank you for posting your query. In addition to the suggestion that @Wakana provided, I would like to emphasize that ideally you should have name dimension, date dimension and a single measure for better reporting data management purposes. It is not recommended to have 12 measures each corresponding to the months you mentioned. Once you have the underlying dataset in the optimized format, then you should go for the suggestions that @Wakana has provided. Hope this helps!

Thank you @Wakana for your valuable suggestions!

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Thank you it worked!