Focus on X to filter all visualizations

How can I make an on-the-fly filter “Focus on X” apply to all visualizations in a sheet, instead of only the selected one?


  • With a Dataset of Sales including: SaleID, DateTime, BuyerId, City, ProductID, ProdCategory, Amount
  • Set up a Table listing BuyerId, City, Product, Product Category, count (SaleID), sum (Amount)"
  • Set up a Bar Chart listing the Amount by Month

I’d like to select the City “Paris” in the Table and “Focus on this”, and create automatically a filter on all visualization, i.e. both the Table and the Bar Chart.

Is this possible, without manually changing the filter setting nor using an Action for every Table column?

This is not possible without doing it manually. You can utilize actions that replicate the same thing. Either using a filter action or a navigation action that sets a parameter

The action “Quick create: Filter same-sheet visuals” does exactly what I want.

I’m blown away!