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We are beginning to use Quicksight Q more extensively within our organization. Many of the questions are forward-looking, for example “what is the forecasted revenue next month”. These questions are being asked on a historical dataset. Can Q leverage the automated insights/forecast portion of Quicksight to deliver forecast values? Or would I be best served creating my own forecast dataset before ingesting into Quicksight and feeding that into the topic as a dataset?

Hey @brian_taylor: Currently Q does not support forecast type questions, however we have a feature in development whereby users can choose to add a forecast to an answer provided by Q (just as you would add a forecast to a visual in QuickSight). For example, you could say “show me revenue for the last year by month” and then subsequently add a forecast projecting N months into the future. This is on the roadmap and will be released in the near future. Would that satisfy your use case?

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Excellent, yes that would satisfy our use case. We look forward to using this new feature once available.

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Hey there @brian_taylor : Just a note that this feature has shipped! See number 5 here: Asking questions with Amazon QuickSight Q - Amazon QuickSight

Let me know if you have further questions once you start using it. Cheers!

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