Formatting tooltip in QuickSight

On Visuals, when you add a column on a tooltip it shows the exact value. I want to know how to format it as like how we format each numbers - decimal places, unit

Because my numbers column are formatted, but columns on tooltip is not. so It’s not really appealing to the eyes.
Please see screenshot so you can see what I’m actually trying to do

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 4.47.30 PM

I want the tooltip for budget_revenue to show 205.9M or 206M

Sounds pretty basic to me but I couldn’t do it. Can someone help to answer pls



It is simple, just change the formatting of the field that display in tooltip. It will change automatically.

How about if the tooltip field was simply added in the Tooltip section under Format Visual but not included in the Value list in the Field Wells? There doesn’t seem to be a formating option under Tooltip alone? In the screenshot below, it would be nice to be able to format Spend as a Currency.

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 13.59.24

yeah the problem is if the column added in tool tip is not on the field wells. do we have a way to contact QuickSight support to add this feature?

Hey Brybarr! It should follow the same format you set as the default from the list of fields on the left (even if you aren’t using the field in the visual):


I just came across this solution as I’m having a similar problem, but this isn’t working for me in a filled map. I’m coloring the map based on a field that’s formatted as a percentage, and I’m attempting to add a tooltip for the record count. I see no way to make the count tooltip format as a number rather than a percentage unless I change the color field to display as a number as well.

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I am having the same issue. This seems like a bug.

FWIW what I ultimately ended up doing was creating a calculated text field with the count aggregation and displaying that text as the tooltip. It gets the job done until/unless this gets corrected in Quicksight.

How did you do the calculation such that it comes out as text?

Sorry, I missed this reply. I wrapped it in “toString”. For my example I wanted the tooltip to read as “XXX Quotes” so my calculated field is: concat(toString(count(quote)),’ Quotes’)

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hey, how did you add actual over budget evenue field in the tool tip, looks like it is a table calculation