Free spaces in charts

Hi all,

is it or will it be possible to get rid of the free spaces in e.g. stacked bar charts?

Mario currently looks a bit cut up.


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Hi @ErikG - Good one, is it possible to share the sample data to see this stacked bar chart. I do not think it is possible in QS now, but we can check with @Koushik_Muthanna for the confirmation.

Regards - Sanjeeb

@Sanjeeb2022 I will publish it in Arena soon.

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Thank you @ErikG . Really liked the graph :slight_smile:

@Sanjeeb2022 here you go.

2d stuff

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Hello @ErikG and @Sanjeeb2022 !

@ErikG were you able to find a workaround for this? to my knowledge you wouldn’t be able to to do this in the UI but could most likely achieve this while embedding the visual.

Also, love the graph!