Getting inconsistent results with setParameter method in amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk

We are using the amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk to embed the dashboard to our web page. while embedding we are calling setParameter function with some dynamic parameter values. These parameter values are inconsistently getting reflected in the dashboard after embedding. Sometimes dashboard shows the parameter values that we are passing, in sometimes it is picking the default parameter value which was configured in the quick sight. Can someone help me to debug this issue?

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Hello @aatganes, welcome to the QuickSight community!

I have a few questions about your process and we should be able to figure out a solution. What is the datatype of the parameter you are setting? Is it a string, integer, datetime, or number?

Also, is it a multi-value or single-value parameter?

My initial thought is maybe you are sometimes passing in the parameter with the incorrect datatype so QuickSight is going to the default value instead. Are you able to share the part of your code that is handling this functionality as well? That would make it easier for me to debug it. Also, are you receiving any kind of errors in the network tab when the parameter fails to set?

Hello @aatganes, I wanted to check in since we have not heard back from you. If you can provide information related to the questions I asked in my last response, I can help guide you further. If we do not receive a response in 3 days, I will archive this topic. Thank you!

Hi @DylanM, I have connected with Quicksight team through AWS support case and they have provided an alternative to setParameters which is passing parameter through contentOptions and it fixed the issue.

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Hello @aatganes, thank you for following up with information about the solution they provided. I am glad you were able to make it work!