Heat Map doubts

So I have few doubts with the heatmap in Quicksight

  1. I have a calendar heatmap with the escalation volume however I m not able to display the Escalation volume in the cells and only through tooltips the values are being projected. Is there a way where I could display directly the values in the cells rather than scrolling through Tooltip?
  2. In the X - axis below you are able to see the Day of the Week which was created using the calculated field = Extract(‘WD’,date_field) which would get me the integer value but I would like to project in Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. While I used the IFELSE formula to project the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday however in the heat map it leads to an issue in sorting. Can you just a better way where I could display Sunday, Monday, tuesday but also in the right order?

@DylanM Can you please check on this?

Hi @samytar97,

For issue #1 have you tried enabling the “Data Labels” property on the heat map? You can see the result in my example below: (note that the visual needs to be large enough for the cells to be able to display the text)

For issue 2, there is no secondary sort option available, but as a workaround I’ve tried using the following calculated field:

Day of Week Text

    extract('WD',{Order Date})=1, "1 Sunday",
    extract('WD',{Order Date})=2, "2 Monday",
    extract('WD',{Order Date})=3, "3 Tuesday",
    extract('WD',{Order Date})=4, "4 Wednesday",
    extract('WD',{Order Date})=5, "5 Thursday",
    extract('WD',{Order Date})=6, "6 Friday",
    "7 Saturday"

Which results in the following:

Let me know if this helps,

Many Thanks,