Heatmap Structure Lost for Zero Value Hours in Quicksight

Hello Quicksight Community!

I’ve been visualizing data using a heatmap in Quicksight. The heatmap represents the count of ‘leak IDs’ for every hour of each weekday. Rows represent weekdays (Sunday, Monday, etc.), and columns represent hours (0-23).

When visualizing systems with leaks in all hours, the heatmap works perfectly. However, for systems without any leaks in certain hours, the heatmap seems to lose its structure, possibly because of the absence of data for those hours.


I’m aware that one potential solution is to add rows to the data for every missing hour. However, I wanted to inquire if there’s a more direct or built-in way to handle this scenario within Quicksight itself. Is there a way to maintain the heatmap structure, even when data for certain hours is missing or zero?

Any insights or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @shirakoresh,

Some visuals (such as a line chart) do have the ability to handle missing data, for example the Y-axis on a line chart has this option:

Heat maps don’t support this at the moment, but I will mark your post as a feature request.

For now, I believe you would need to add row data for any missing hours.

Many Thanks,