Hiding Calculated field based on Condition

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way that I can hide the calculated field based on conditions in QuickSight?

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 21.32.49

For instance, in the above example I want to hide the row which has 0% based on condition.

Thank you,

I don’t believe this is possible yet. I will mark it as a feature request!

Actually my issue is as following:

Currently I am making visualization using two sheets, one sheet has reporting element as group name where I used count logic. For instance, in the above picture Low Risk Members, Moderate and High Risk Members are coming from one column as reporting element.

However I am using second sheet because the denominator is different for each element so I had to use calculated field for percentage.

Now the problem is if I applied some filter, the left visual (say that filter don’t have Low Risk Member will be gone) however the right side of Low Risk Member % calculation will be still there. What I want is to remove Low Risk Member % when the left side Low Risk Member element is not available.

Is there any way to do that?

Thank you