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Actually my issue is as following:

Currently I am making visualization using two sheets, one sheet has reporting element as group name where I used count logic. For instance, in the above picture Low Risk Members, Moderate and High Risk Members are coming from one column as reporting element.

However I am using second sheet because the denominator is different for each element so I had to use calculated field for percentage.

Now the problem is if I applied some filter, the left visual (say that filter don’t have Low Risk Member will be gone) however the right side of Low Risk Member % calculation will be still there. What I want is to remove Low Risk Member % when the left side Low Risk Member element is not available.

Is there any way to do that?

Thank you

Hi @Santosh! I pinged one of our SAs. Wanted to let you know that this question is on our radar and we will circle back on Monday if we haven’t heard from other members of the Community before then. Thanks so much for posting your question!

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Thank you for your reply

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@Santosh Do you think if it is better if we can include in 1 sheet? I have created an example in below to illustrate. can see if it helps?

In image 1, it shows all 3 member types.
In image 2, I have applied filter to remove Low Risk Members

Image 3 shows my dataset

I have 2 created calculated fields.

  1. TotalNoOfMember: distinctCountOver(MemberID, [],PRE_FILTER)
  2. % of member: count(MemberID)/max(TotalNoOfMember)
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Hi @Santosh,
Did Roys answer help you?
Alternatively, if you do need to use a separate sheet for your visual(s), you can utilize parameter based controls on the first sheet and then apply filters on both sheets using that parameter. That way, visuals on the different sheets can be filtered by the same selection.
I’ll mark this as a Solution, but please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance on this.

Hi @royyung,

One question, is it necessary to make the calculated field of the total number of members? Isn’t this total calculated automatically by the visuals?