How can I add a URL to a category/legend item?

This visualization, seen from Quicksight mobile, contains # of government tenders on the Y-Well, dates on the X-Well, and the categories are the individual tender codes. The codes are unique and each has a tender profile with official information, which I want my user to be able to navigate to directly from Quicksight. I have the unique URL for each tender. Ideally, I want to display the tenders codes (seen as ACME-CCC-LPN…x in the image) as hyperlinks to navigate directly to the tender profile. Mindful that custom URL navigation is limited, and that there are many tenders that come out on a daily basis (~200), requiring this to be an automated process, how can my user go from Quicksight to official tender profile from the mobile and the desktop platform?

You can define a URL action. When you do that, whenever user clicks on the item in the legend or a point in the chart, it will open a browser page at the URL you provide. Here is an example that performs google search for the dimension value

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This is great, thank you Tatyana! Now the challenge is that the URL that displays the tender, isn’t exactly the tender code, but rather, a number assigned to that tender code.


The number in bold is the unique tender ID from the URL’s point of view, and I can extract that number for each, not a problem. But if I add that as the label for the field, then it doesn’t say much (it’s just six numbers), versus the actual tender code which indicates the purchasing entity. Any ideas here? Thanks!!

Upon further inspection, it seems that perhaps the solution lies in using parameters in the URL? amazon-quicksight-user-guide/ at main · awsdocs/amazon-quicksight-user-guide · GitHub How could I pass a parameter that displays the 7-integer code of the specific Label/Category name (the ‘tender_code’)?

You would need to create a parameter that has that code. Then you would click on the options next to the url and add this code to the url where it makes sense.

These are parameters