How do I superimpose a period over period in a visual without having the period that I'm comparing it to in the visual?

I’ve got the period over period working on the previous month but it only works if I’m visualising the previous month as well as the month I’m Comparing to. Is there any suggestions I could do to bring back the previous month into this month for comparison without having to bring back last month as well?

Hello! Before I propose a solution, do you want this to be a bar chart in the end? Or are you trying to use a Table or some other visual type? Wasnt sure if the bar chart was just to illustrate the problem or if thats the chart type you want in the end (and just want to hide the first set of values from the initial period)?

Hi @Jesse , yeah we would like to hide the first set of values and use a Bar and Line chart (the lines will be representing another metric but won’t have a period over period associated to it. )

We also need to do the superimpose some data on a line chart month over month, YoY. Thanks

We conceptually need to ‘hide’ those values and not filter them. To do this we will manipulate where this filter happens in the query pipeline, and by using a Table Calculation, we can make it happen all the way at the end, after the YoY calcs have already been computed.

Write a calc like this:

minOver(min({order date}), [{order date}])

And then put your filter on that. Should work!




Brilliant! Thanks @Jesse for the explanation too! I have spent so much time trying to come up with a solution for this problem to no avail. Appreciate the solution :+1:

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