How many more bugs are there?

Having a set of casual Quicksight use-cases, I regularly (2-3 times per week) face Quicksight bugs.
Here is the last one that drove me crazy:

These two graphs are identical: the columns are the same, no filters are applied, no actions, nothing. Just a bare graph.
Does anybody work on these bugs? Does Quicksight have a team of testers before releasing something? I wish Quicksight concentrated on fixing the issues rather than releasing new stuff.
Yes, I can get a definition of the analysis, dataset, spend half a day figuring out why something that is supposed to work doesn’t. But why things like this happen all the time?

We do have testers as well as validate functionality programmatically.

In this particular case:

  • do you get error in the left visual 100% of the time or does it go away when the page is refreshed?
  • there can be settings that are not immediately visible that cause the problem (custom sort, tooltips, reference lines etc) that cause the problem. We would want you to contact support so that we can investigate and fix this issue (At the minimum, I would want to see HAR file that captures all the requests when this dashboard/analysis is loaded). Steps to generate HAR file are available at Create a HAR file for an AWS Support case
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Both of the graphs have nothing except three columns, two of which are calculated on the dataset’s side. The error to the left is permanently there, but I experienced the same error a while ago that appeared / disappeared / appeared again upon a page refresh.

I have the similar issue with my visuals, could you post the screenshots of format visual (pencil icon) pane for me to compare, I observed the legend section is missing in the visual with error

I’m sorry, I swiped everything and recreated the analysis from scratch. At least this approach always works properly…

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