Unexpected error in Quicksight Analysis

Hi !

I’ve been getting this error message every time I click on a particular tab of my analysis. It’s only this same tab each time.

I’ve tried on both Chrome and Safari, my colleague who also has access has the same error message on the same tab. It was working a few hours ago and I haven’t made any changes to it so I’m struggling to think what is causing this error. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

Looks like an application error on Quicksight’s side of things. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi Todd

Yes I am. I’ve figured out it seems to be linked to a specific dataset, so the error occurs when I click on a visual based off it or when I try to create a new visual with the dataset.

Not sure if I can do anything about it!

Are you able to refresh the dataset? Try that first. If that doesn’t do the trick how difficult will it be to recreate the dataset? If recreating isn’t a suitable solution I recommend submitting a support ticket so that the issue can be better addressed.

Thanks recreating the dataset by hand from scratch worked for me! (though duplicating automatically didn’t)

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