How to add a 2nd dataset to quicksight

I currently have created several sheets based on 1 dataset from 1 redshift cluster. I want to create a separate sheet using data from a different data source. How I can add the 2nd data source to the same analysis?

I tried click add dataset button. However, it only shows some default dataset and doesn’t allow me to customize.

Hi @Haoli_Sun ,

You are correct, ‘Add dataset’ button would allow you to add a new data set and create visuals based on that data set. However, a data set is different from a data source.

For example, if your second data source is AWS RDS or an Excel/CSV file, S3, Athena etc., you have to create a data set out of the data source first. Then, you can add the new data set using ‘Add Dataset’ option and create visuals in the same/different sheet.

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