How to add a date axis in a line chart with two unrelated fields

I have 2 variables : nb of created tickets, nb of solved tickets.
I also have 2 other fields : “creation date” and “resolution date”.

Im looking for a way to display my 2 variables “nb…” in a line chart with a common X axis “date”. I tried to use “creation date” or “resolution date” but it doesnt display what I want : how can I do that please ?

Did you configure your Line chart in similar manner like what I have tried to show below? The value field well should contain your 2 measures i.e. nb of created tickets and nb of solved tickets; while the X axis should contain either the Creation date or Resolution Date. Hope this helps!

Yes I did, the issue is I dont know which field to use in X axis : I have “creation date” and “resolution date”. Is it possible to just have an axis “date” not directly related to one of my value field ?

Can you please share a snippet of your dataset? That would be helpful. Ideally you should have a single date filed and 2 measures denoting how many got created and how many got resolved respectively in those columns for that date.

In fact I’m just asking if it’s possible to get a time axis not directly related to the value of Y axis and NOT a date field in my dataset.

In this example, I have 3 columns in the dataset : ID Ticket, Creation Date, Resolution Date and I’m looking for a way to show tickets solved and created per month without using creation date or resolution date as X axis.

Yes, that’s possible but that’s under the purview of data preparation. You need to have a date dimension table and you can then utilize that table with your fact table to create the required dataset which would be conducive for your reporting need.

For Example in case you have a dataset where you have Ticket ID, Creation Date and Resolution Date. You can create 2 child datasets from that

Dataset 1 : select creation_date, count(TicketID) from Table group by creation_date
Dataset 2: select resolution_date, count(TicketID) from group by resolution_date

Then you can create a Left join between your Date Dimenion and the above 2 datasets to create the desired dataset for reporting. Something like

select, dataset1.count as tickets_created, dataset2.count as tickets_resolved from date_dimension
left join on = dataset1.creation_date
left join on = dataset2.resolution_date

I have just tried to share my idea/thought process. Hope this helps! Thank you!

mh I know I can do this way but I was looking for an other one and I’m afraid it’s the only way …
Thank you for your help

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