How to add a fiscal calendar?

How would you go about adding the above fiscal dates for last year and this year?

Hi! I consider fiscal calendars a part of business logic that should be easily repeatable across different reports and even reporting tools. While I’m sure you could define calculated fields implementing the logic on top of a date field using the date functions in QuickSight, I would generally not recommend this approach.

Instead, consider creating a calendar dimension table in your source database. This article describes the concept well:

If you search for “generate calendar dimension sql”, you can find various methods to do this. But equally, you could also just use Excel to start with, upload the file into SPICE and join to your transactional data sets during data prep stage. Once you have the fields for fiscal weeks, months, etc. in your analysis, just use them as you would use any other attribute for filtering and pivoting the data.

Thanks Istvan, I will have a look at this option.

Many thanks