How to arrive & % Growth

Hi All,
Trying to arrive % growth over previous week % achd, couldn’t able to get through . can any help me in getting the support.

sample snapshot

Hello, could you please elaborate the question more clearly? I don’t get what you want to achieve.

@Sophia ,

Thank you for your reply, actually I am trying to show % passed growth over previous week,
so I created a calculated column = percentdifference({%passed} ,[year asc],-1)
and expecting result as shown in green colour highlighted column but i am getting result as shown in yellow colour highlighted column.

can you check and let me know where am i making mistake.

Hello. Take the 1st row as an example. It seems your calculation is (92.78%-25.19%)/25.19%, is it correct? But the yellow column title is “percentdifference({%FALE} ,[year asc],-1)”, not sure what this %FALE is calculated.

@Sophia ,
Yes, my calculation is (92.78%-25.19%)/25.19%, and % FALE (term used in our process) is nothing but % Passed, its my bad missed to edit in header.

Hello. The way you use percentDifference is a bit weird because 2023 and 2024 are not rows in the same table but columns in different tables. Please refer to this: Calculating Percentage Difference - #3 by teja1