How to combine this - "addDateTime(-5,'HH',{Data Update Date})" with "now()"

In a calculated filed how do i combine this - “addDateTime(-5,‘HH’,{Data Update Date})” with “now()”

Hi @kawind - Can you please give more details on the requirement. What is your input and expected output. If you can give sample data , that will help in guiding the right solution.

Regards - Sanjeeb

I have it as 2 calculated fields (columns) in my datasets to show when the data was refreshed. The Data Update Date column is “now()” and gives me the date/time. Then I have to convert to CST so I have a second column which subtracts 5 hours from the first.

Hi @kawind

Can you expand a bit?

If you are looking to take off 5 hours from now(), why can’t you use: addDateTime(-5, ‘HH’, now())

written like: addDateTime(-5,‘HH’,now()) gives me an error

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I want to see the date and time in CST that the data was updated.

I added Again and it worked. thanks!

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