How to correct date label in X-axis?

I have a dataset with date in quarters (2023-03, 2023-06 etc…) but when plotting the line chart the X axis add +1 in the month of the data.


how can you see in the chart, the data is 06/19 but the label is 07/19 and so on.

There is some way to fix this issue ?

@raelbarros If your data in the date column is not actual datetime (yyyy-mm-dd 00:00:00) or date, can you turn them into datetime and then use aggregation to month/quarter


I have had that same problem. Unfortunately aggregating to Quarters did not work if I wanted the quarters to still be represented in MMM YY format.

I have used a bit of a convoluted solution, but it works. You need to create two new date columns:

  • one in Text format (eg: “Mar19”, “Jun19”, “Sep19”, “Dec19”, …)
  • one in a Numeric format (eg: 201903, 201906, 201909, 201912, …)

Then use the Text format version as the x-axis column, but sort that by the numeric version.