How to create dependent filter in quicksight Dashboard

Hi, I have two columns, one is “week” and another one is “dates”. both are pined to top .my requirement is when I select particular week in “week” filter then in “dates” filter i should get only dates pertaining to respective week, currently I am getting all the date

hi @sbaskax, Can you go to the below link for detailed analysis.

If you face any challenges please let us know.

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Biswajit Dash

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Thank you Biswajit for providing step by step procedure with screenshots


@Biswajit_1993 Hi!

I stumbled across this question, since I got a similar requirement. Unfortunately, the proposed solution didn’t work in my case. Maybe you got some ideas why…

My primary field is a calculated field “Product Type” which returns a string.
The second field is a default dimension from the data set “Product Name”.

I would like to filter “Product Name” based on which “Product Type” was selected. The issue is that the option to use relevant values is grayed out on the “Product Name” filter:

Interestingly, It would work the other way around, I can use “Product Name” as filter on “Product Type”

What am I missing here?


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