How to create separate measure based on each Dimensions field value

HI Team,
I have a scenarios like I want to create a separate measure column and for each field data available on a dimension field.
I created some calculated field and trying to do that but I am not able to plot when I put the measure for a single dimension then it is adding for other two dimension also.
PFB picture for your understand my query


I Created the test-1 calculated field for ios dimension but it is automatically add other two dimension field data aslo.

I need test-1 only for ios test-2 for Canvas test-3 for Android

@Biswajit_1993 - You need to go for ifelse statement construct like below.

test_1 = ifelse(mobile_os = “ios”, measure_value, 0)
test_2 = ifelse(mobile_os = “Canvas”, measure_value, 0)
test_3 = ifelse(mobile_os = “Android”, measure_value, 0)

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hi @sagmukhe this calculation is not working for me when I put this then for each dimension field data 3 measures comes to the visual it means when I am putting all three then total 3 dimension field and 3 measure field total 9 columns are showing.
Can you check once on your end.

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Biswajit Dash

@Biswajit_1993 - You should not be putting the dimension again as you have already incorporated that in your measures. You should go for a Table instead of Pivot with 4 columns Date (dimension), test1 (measure), test2(measure) and test 3(measure). Hope this helps to clarify.

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