How to get 12 months of data from dataset in Cost and Usage Dashboard?

Hello it seems I am only able to get 6-7 months of information from my dataset into a cost and usage dashboard instead of the full 12 months of a year. Is that expected?

Is there a condition in the Quicksight Cost and Usage Dashboard I can adjust for the dataset to pull the full 12 months of a year?

Here is an example of a small panel in a dashboard I created for our total savings and reserved instance cost, but I would like the full 2023 year instead of the past 6 months.

Thank you!

Hey @cquiles !

My understanding is that the data starts coming in when you started using the CUR on Quicksight, and will only show data from when you started using the report to now. When did your team turn the service on?

Hey @duncan thanks for the reply, we only started using it about a few weeks ago! It was able to pull data starting from July 2023? So 7 months back, is it not possible for dataset to retrieve 12 months (year) worth of data?

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Here is the page I am using the data exports and create a cost and usage dashboard, however I dont see an option for the amount of time it will pull from? @duncan

Hey @cquiles !

To my knowledge you will not be able to see the data in your CUR in Quicksight prior to when you turned that service on. It will only pull the data from when you turned it on.

Also, heads up, I removed the screenshot you sent because it had some private info.

thanks for the response @duncan I understand but thats not accurate, because I just turned it on less than a month ago and I am able to pull data from 7 months ago (July 2023). Not sure how to prove this without providing an example. I am creating this from the data exports page on the billing and cost management page. However there is no option as far as I can see to a date from when the data is pulled. When you say service turned on are you referring to the AWS service (RDS) or Quicksight? We have been using our services for years. Quicksight has been turned on since Jan 8th. If possible, can you please verify this on your end if you are able to create a dashboard with a desired ammount of months or years?

Is there a recommendation to find this solution, considering aws support does not offer quicksight support? @awsvig @duncan

Maybe there is some confusion, let me explain again:
Here are the steps I follow to create a cost and usage dashboard:

  1. I got to billing and cost management
  2. then click data exports
  3. then cost and usage dashboard powered by quicksight (Create an export and deploy a QuickSight dashboard to discover and share insights from your data.)
  4. then create
  5. then after 24 hours the data export creates a full dashboard of cost data starting back from July 2023 (7 months), I suppose by default?

This is great however, I am trying to get data all the way back from January 2023 (12 months) I am not seeing an option to select a date from when the data is pulled. Is 7 months by default? Maybe I am not seeing the option and need to be pointed in the right direction.

Please let me know your suggestion.
Thank you!

Hey @cquiles , I understand what you are saying, I didn’t explain that well. When you turn on the data export is when the data start coming in, Quicksight is just a console to display that. My recommendation for getting more historical data i.e. farther back then when you started the data export would be to contact billing support via the instructions here: