How to handle long text fields

The Table visual appears to only have a single row height that it applies to all rows in the table; it does not conform each row height to the text length. Does anyone know a way around this so that it conforms to the text length? We have a lot of textual data that needs to be displayed in conventional report format with varying row heights if possible.

The row height that you specify is a fixed value that applies to all rows. I believe what you’re asking is to have a dynamic row height so that it adjusts in every row based on the number of lines of text to display.

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That’s correct, David - having one height for all rows is a less than optimal solution, leaving lots of whitespace on most rows while other rows could be truncated. We were wondering if it’s possible to accomplish what we’re attempting with the current QuickSight capabilities.

I think it makes sense.

@Max Can you please mark this as a feature request?

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sure I can mark it as one

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