How to improve the visual loading time

Hi All,
we have data in rds oracle, we wrote the queries for quick sight visuals and imported them into spice, but sometimes visuals show no data.
How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Hi @suresh1
The first thing you can check is that your data was ingested correctly. Open your dataset and on the Refresh page, check that all the rows you expected were loaded. If the Skipped rows is more than zero then you can check click the row and open the refresh error details.
The next thing to check is in the analysis if you have any filters applied that might be preventing you from seeing data for that control.

@Steph ,
Thanks for your reply
How can I test the visual loading time?

Hi @suresh1
You can do that through CloudWatch.

You can use the automatic dashboard in CloudWatch - open the CloudWatch console, in the left pane go to Dashboards, and then click the Automatic Dashboards tab. You will be able to see a QuickSight dashboard that shows you visual load time metrics.