Quicksight is slow when we are loading 50k records

Hi Team,

I am trying to visualize a file that containing 50k records, but Quicksight seems very slow. In future i will be handling millions of records, How to speed up ? or this is how Quicksight will be ?

I uploaded file , it validated and i corrected those rows and columns and uploaded the file again!
Now when I upload and go to Visualize its keep on loading for a lot of time and when I click on the loading symbol next to the Dataset drop down, it says 0 rows imported and 0 rows skipped

Appreciate the help!

If it says that 0 rows were imported then something failed.

Quicksight can handle many rows quickly using SPICE.

For more information on SPICE you check this out.

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Hi there, what is the format/type of the data file? What issues you ran into when you load the file the very first time?

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hi @Max , @Xing ,

Yes there was some issues on few columns because of invalid content! I cleaned up the file and loaded it! Now I could see the data.