How to remove the "view items" in table

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How to remove the “view items” in table like that:


Thank you!

Hello @July ,

I can set this as a feature request because there is not a way to remove this box from the visual if over 500 rows are returned from the data.

Some other options to ensure it doesn’t show would be to include more filters within the table to reduce the total number that would be returned, add a default to a parameter to make sure it is filtered on load, setting up a calculation that would show the Top or Bottom Nth of the data being returned, or limiting your SQL query building your dataset to 500 rows.

All of these solutions would alter the data that is being displayed though, so I am not sure if that is ideal either.

The one good thing though is that the user will not see this box unless they click on the visual in the Dashboard so it will not always be present on the screen.

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