How to schedule spice dataset 15 minutely?

I can’t create a scheduling 15 minutely for my dataset. So I couldn’t complete my works. Pls help me to this situation

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Hi Sim - 15 min SPICE refreshes are only available if you choose Incremental Refresh. Full Refresh schedules go down to hourly. You could do an incremental one and make the window big enough that it will cover your whole data set though (like 20 years or whatever).

Hi Jesse,
Thank you for your information. But I couldn’t find ‘Repeats’ in incremental refresh where it is. After creating incremental, what should I do?

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follow the given below steps and submit it.

Hi @Naveed,

Yeah, I knew it but I can’t choose ‘Repeats’. Because I would like to refresh dataset 15 minutely.
Here you can refresh min hourly.

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Hi Sim,

First you need to schedule it for let us say 1 hour and save it as I show the image above.
As you save the schedule it will run and start the complete refresh.

after complete refresh done.

Just click on schedule (the pencil sign) it will show the option. for your reference I shared an image of it.

Hope this will work for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your information @Naveed, it’s really helped me :slight_smile: