How to see resources created via API on quicksight console?


I am beginning to use quicksight python API to programmatically create resources (Datasources, Datasets and use Templates), using the API (eg. ListDataSets) I can successfully list the artifacts I created, however, when I access through the Quicksight browser console it only lists the SAMPLE artifacts. How can I see the datasets I’ve created through the API on the console? I need it to create the Dashboards.

In this image I’ve created a Dataset called “qs_test”, but as you can see, it doesn’t appear on the console, nor when I click to acreate a new Analysis


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Hi ,

For example : When creating the dataset , have you included permissions as well for your user ? .

Create a dataset directly in Amazon QuickSight and then run the following to check what permissions have been granted ( describe-data-set-permissions — AWS CLI 1.22.62 Command Reference ) .
Use those permissions when creating ''qs_test" and then validate in QuickSight console.



Sorry for taking so long to reply, it’s currently holidays around here. Your answer guided me to the right approach, I was actually defining only a datasource and not a dataset, also I was not passing the appropriate permissions as you pointed out

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