How to set dynamic default values for a parameter

Hi, I want to create a control which should have default values linked with the dataset.
For example, in the following control the default value should be XXXXX when i share this dashboard with XXXXX, similarly with the others
i tried setting the dynamic default value while creating the parameter, but i am only able to select the column name but not the required value.

I don’t know how to achieve this, is there anything else i need to add in the dataset. As of now the test dataset only have 4 columns(customer_id, desc, item_id,price)

Thank you in advance


can you add a new column “UserName” to your dataset and use this for User name column? I think the user name column and the column for default value cannot be the same.

can you please describe on how to populate the data in the “UserName” column. I am really sorry if this is a dumb question


the username is the name the user has in QuickSight.

For example: my username would be and the default value should be thomask then the entry in the table would look like this:| thomask |…

Its a mapping of username to default value

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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation, i will try and update the progress here

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Thank you very much. The solution you suggested is working


Thanks for letting us know @arun that @thomask’s solution helped you! And thanks, Thomas, for your contribution to the QuickSight Community!