How to truncate time ("12:00:00 AM") when downloading date field from a visual

I have a bar chart with datetime as one of the fields and I set the format option to display as date (MMM DD YYYY). When downloading data from chart “12:00:00 AM” was automatically added. In CSV file Apr 1, 2022 will appear as 4/1/2022 0:00 AM.

Is there a way to disable the auto addition of time?

There is currently no way to disable the auto addition of time at the time of export. You may notice when exporting to Excel that the date formatting is preserved, but for CSV exports it is unformatted raw data. CSV unlike Excel is often used to feed data into downstream systems, and formatting the data may break those workflows.

Hi Rahul,
Thanks for the confirmation. Download as excel is not available on most charts [bar, line, donut…]. The workaround I did was to create a calculated field of string type and use it as an axis in the chart but the drawback is the forecast functions will not work anymore.