If Author/admin Accesses Dashboard and uses filters on the dashboard, how to differentiate


If an author/admin accesses the dashboard and performs some actions on it, will that be considered a “READER SESSION”? If yes, how can I differentiate between event = QueryDatabase?
Which event is associated with Dashboard and which with Analysis?

@Shambhavi, what is prompting you to track the dashboard access from an author/admin than to an actual reader, understanding that probably will help in responding to this question.

I am tracking number of sessions for every namespace. Though I am concerned with READERS only but I see the number of sessions increased in my billing, but number of sessions have not increased on my dashboard for readers. Which implies some sessions were counted as reader sessions coming from author/admin.

@Shambhavi Author/Admin sessions are not counted towards reader session billing as those are covered by the fixed monthly fee. If you have questions about billing or looking for billing clarifications, I would suggest to engage your AWS account team for further review and clarifications.