Importing data into dashboard currently query?

Hi all,

I currently have a dataset (Athena based) which I have imported into QS using direct query and have already built a bashboard/report using the single table. However, I now need to join this dataset with another table to leverage some of the fields in that table. My understanding is that this can only be done by importing both tables into Spice.

I guess I have a couple of questions:
Can I change/load my current dataset into Spice without having to rebuild my current dashboard? Or, do I need to import my dataset into spice (along with the additional table), then recreate the dashboard in a new analysis then publish it?

I have created a few calculated fields in the current dashboard/analysis and I dont really want to have to go back and do that work again.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @harry - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. For existing dataset where you have already have dashboards, you can make it SPICE but you have to put a refresh schedule so that data refresh will happen regularly. You do not need to change any dashboard. Then you can create a new data set by taking this data set and add new data set and save it with a new name and spice the new data set. Develop all your reports from custom dataset.

Hope this will help you.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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