In a quicksight calculated field how to check whether a string contains 1 or more values from a multivalue parameter?

For context, we use AWS Contact Lens to tag contacts with the rules we build. There is then a comma delimited field populated in s3 per contact of all the rules that contact met. That data is pushed into quicksight. Our use case is we want to be able to check that comma delimited field (string) to see if it contains one or more categories from a multivalue parameter which will get its values from a control selection by the user of the rules they want the data they are searching for to have hit (in an AND logic). So we would search field, if string contains one of the values in the array, return true (or a count of matched values) or whatever, as long as we can then determine that the contact contained those user selected rules and return a value for that field that data can be filtered by. Contains() only accepts a string as the substring argument, not a list, so that doesn’t work. There are no functions to loop through an array to check one by one, so that doesn’t work. Unless i am missing something, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it?
For additional context, our business function only has access to quicksight author permissions. We do not/cannot do any of the joining and configuration of the datasets pre-quicksight, otherwise we would have went down that route, and small things like this should be within our gift to do (in my mind) without the need to raise a resource request to a IT Support function to make a change to the dataset itself (seems a bit overkill for something that may only be a temporary need). Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello @leftyrighty, unfortunately if your parameter allows for multiple value selection, it will not be able to be used within a calculated field. There is a possible work-around to check for specific values within an ifelse related to the column the control is filtering by. If there are a lot of possible values within the control or if they change dynamically that could be a lot to deal with.

Hello @leftyrighty, I will leave this marked as a feature request and archive this topic for now. If you need any other follow-up or have questions about another issue you are facing feel free to post a new topic in the community!