Inside margin in visual

Is there a way to remove the inside margins in an object?
Simple use case: I want to have an image fit exactly in the top left corner of my report, I don’t want any blank space

Have you checked out free form layout: Create stunning, pixel perfect dashboards with the new free-form layout mode in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

yes, I am already using free-form layout but I don’t see any option for this inside space (and it does not seem possible to have part of a visual outside of the sheet boundaries either)

Hi Martin, could you clarify what you mean by inside space? A picture may help to understand what you’re trying to do

For this example I am using an amazon sample image.
I would like the logo to align perfectly at the top-left of my report, without empty space inside the object.
I tried with custom visual and narrative, and also tinkered with the Theme options (gutter,margin), to no effect

Image source:

I see. There isn’t a way to currently adjust this. We will track this as a feature request. Thank you