Internationalization and localization of embedded reports

Could you point me to additional documentation regarding internationalization and localization of embedded reports?, preferably including:

  1. Best Practices
  2. Limitations
  3. Known Issues (if any)
  4. Future capabilities in the road map that we should consider when recommending a solution

Hi Palak,

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Regarding internationalization and localization you may find language and interface elements supported in Quicksight documentation link: Choosing a language in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

It will further help if you can share your more specific requirements. In embed experience you can configure locale using javascript content option QuickSight Developer Portal

            const contentOptions = {
                locale: "ja-JP", // YOUR LOCALE HERE

One common best practice I see many users adopting is timezone adjustment by storing calculated fields for timezone offsets, and converting timezones from UTC as mentioned in following community article: Time Zone Adjustments

Anwar Ali

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Hi Palak,

I also have this question but need to support the embedded dashboard in different languages based on the end-users locale. Currently I support both an English and French version of the same dashboard and switch between them programatically based on the end-users locale. I will soon need to add Spanish and possibly Portuguese so this approach is starting to get untenable. Are there any plans to help with this use case?