Is it possible to create a custom SaaS DataSource type?

We recently discovered some of our customers are already using QuickSight! Instead of using our solution directly they may want to connect to our data directly. Is it possible to build a SaaS DataSource type so they can simply choose it and configure it? Is there any documentation on this; I haven’t come across it yet.


There is no way to create a custom DataSource.

However, you can use a couple of AWS services to accomplish what you are looking for.

I would first look into AppSync:

These allow you to connect to other apps and import that data into AWS. You can dump it to s3, aurora, etc…

If you dump it to s3 you can use Athena and connect athena to quicksight. If you dump it to aurora you can connect with aurora, etc…

Hope that helps.

So how did Sales Force create the Data Source type?

We’re hoping to develop a “plug-in-play” type offering where they login and select an endpoint similar to Sales Force.

I believe that was something created by the QuickSight development team

Ah, okay; makes sense.

So would this be a feature request? It would be cool to have a “Marketplace” where people can choose from different third party data source types for the SaaS products they use. Obviously QuickSight can’t maintain all the integrations; but by having a community driven marketplace would be awesome.

Yeah this would be a feature request. Yeah the idea of a community driven marketplace sounds great.

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That would be awesome! I would be willing to sit with the development team and discuss feature requirements.