Is it possible to see when my dataset in quicksight was last updated?

I have a dataset which stores data on customers, however I’m not sure whether its been updated recently or not. Is there a way to see how often it is updated and when the last update of that data set was within QuickSight? I’m not sure if i have access to the dataset outside of QuickSight, so seeing it from the main source and checking from there is not possible at the moment.

Hello Harvey,

if you are using Spice then you could see when Last successful refresh took place. However , it may not be same as the actual backend data change and would depend on how the refresh schedule is set.
Minimum is hourly you could set the refresh schedule.

Hope it gives some insight.


i checked datasets to see if there was any properties to see, but as im in a business group and we have different access permissions, im not sure if im able to see this?

if you can provide the way to see when the last successful refresh took place so i know if i have access to view it or not, would be helpful


Here you see

checked there, i think i am restricted from seeing these details, so will have to ask through a higher up.
thanks for the help

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