Qusicksight: Update date of databases shall be visibile in Dashboard

Dear all,

I am publishing in Quicksight dashboards, is it possible to show in e.g. “Textfield” when was the last actualization date of the database.
The database actualization will be modified in that way thate every night the dataset will be refreshed, but is it possible to show the actualization date in dashboard.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Turbat1
do you have the date somewhere in the database?

Hello Erik,

I have got a database where only Years are mentioned, but I need much more the “actualization date” of the database - also for check reasons if the dataset is updated in Quicksight or not.
Much more the information of the dataset itself…perhaps like this Info:

HI @Turbat1
you could use the “Refresh” sheet on the dataset to see last time and number of records.

But you have to know how many records you are expect.

You could try to use a direct query “select count(*) from your table” to create a direct connection and verify against the SPICE count(something)


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Hello @Turbat1, I would say the best way to accomplish this would be to bring in a date field from the database, something like last updated date, and then displaying the max date in a visual on the dashboard. If you are unable to bring in a date like that, and you are refreshing the datasets nightly, I suppose you could do something like displaying addDateTime(-1, ‘DD’, now()) where you could show that the dataset was updated yesterday. You could even set the addDateTime function to subtract hours so you can set it to the exact time of the day that the refresh was run.

Unfortunately though, there is not a way to bring in that refresh date as data into the dashboard. Fow now, the work-arounds I provided above are going to be your best option. I can also tag this topic as a feature request. I will archive this question for our support team. Thank you!