Is there a way to insert simple text outside of title and description?

I want to add text further down the sheet of a dashboard, but I can’t figure out a way how. I know it is possible to have text at the top of a sheet with a title and description, but I want to have something like a text box that I can insert anywhere.

It’s a bit lame in my view, but you can use “Add insight”
Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 18.44.30

Select anything after this, and then on the … of the Insight frame select “Customise narrative”

Go ahead and delete everything in there, and then just enter whatever text you want. You can then build on that to include real data and calculations - that bit is pretty great, but having to jump through all these hoops for a simple text box is less so.

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Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for an easier way to add Text Boxes.