Creating a blank Description sheet for a dashboard

This is a pretty basic question. I want to create a Description tab / sheet for my dashboard to give the user more context about what they are viewing. I do not want to add any graphs to the sheet, just descriptive text. The sheet should be similar to the example dashboard provided here (see the Description sheet).


you can use insights for this.

Just create an insight with any settings and dimensions and then click on the menu option customize narrative.

There you can delete everything and write your description.

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Hi, I have the Standard edition of Quicksight and do not see the option to create an Insight. Is this a feature only available in Enterprise editions?

That’s interesting, I would also be curious to know the different availability of visual types in a standard account. So you don’t see the “add insight” option? or a lightbulb under visual types when you add a new visual?

Standard edition QuickSight doesn’t support our machine learning capabilities. You must be in the Enterprise edition to access these capabilities: Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services.

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As mentioned, the Insight visuals are only available for the Enterprise edition. However, if you want to keep using the Standard edition, you can use the Custom Content visual to embed a page containing the description you want to show. Using custom visual content in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

The description itself could be held anywhere … my suggestion is to create it on (for free) and use its sharing link within the QuickSight visual.

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No, I do not see the Add Insight option on the Standard account.