Is there a way to Model with 2 Fact Tables in same dataset?

What is the best practice way currently in QuickSight to prep your data in a way to show comparison numbers?

For Example, QuickSight Visualizations only allow for 1 dataset to be used to bring in fields to display content in, so if your Sales and Sales Forecast numbers are in 2 different fact tables, how can we get this into 1 dataset?


  1. Prep your data before bringing into QuickSight, by creating a merge summary table that displays both sales and sales forecast numbers by yearmonth.

Hi, Although you can use multiple datasets to build a dashboard, a visual in QuickSight is tied to one dataset. Depending on your use case you will need to merge required data into a single dataset that you can visualize from a chart/visual.
This merge process can happen either outside of Quicksight or you can bring then in as two separate datasets and join them within QuickSight if there is a relationship that can be established.