Is there a way to prevent accidently delete an analysis

Is there a way to lock or write protect an analysis? I was cleaning up and almost delete an important analysis. Even though I put it in a special folder, but it is still available to be deleted out side the folder.

Hello @Yan-AWS - I am not sure if QuickSight provides you any such native functionality. However, I found one existing thread in the community below for your reference. That may give you some insight into what you are looking for. Hope this helps!

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there is no such option in the QuickSight frontend.

But you can use the API and remove the permission to delete the analysis for every usergroup.

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This sounds like can help recover in case I deleted the analysis from QS, but does not prevent me from doing so. It is a work around solution, but a solution nevertheless.

This sounds like a solution. It requires command from API, not from the QS GUI environment. WIll need to look into it later. Thanks.

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