Is there anyway that create a table in Analysis by sql command?

Is there anyway to create a table by SQL or python script in Analysis as other tools?

Can you describe in more details what you are trying to do?

Do you want to create a table when defining a dataset? (We allow people to write custom SQL. We also integrate with SageMaker where you can run your python script).
Do you want to create a temporary table in a calculated field expression?

Which other BI tool are you referring to? Can you share link to their documentation about the feature you’d like to have?

Hi Tatyana Yakushev,

Thanks for your reply. I want to create a Table type Visualize in QuickSight Analysis. I am wondering is there any way that I can build it with sql query/python script instead of the UI?


Ce Wu

At this point in time we do not have a public API that you can use to create visuals programmatically. We do have plans to provide such API in the future.

Thanks for the updating. Looking forward to this feature.