KPI comparison in reverse?

I want to use KPI visuals to layout my dashboard as shown at Reverse KPI comparison

So my first KPI is only showing the total for My Company (no secondary value to compare against)
The second KPI is comparing the total for My Company against a total for Competitor 1 BUT I want Competitor 1’s figure to be the primary value, but have the comparison % calculated in reverse i.e. how does My Company’s figure compare with Competitor 1

I can’t seem to find a satisfactory way of doing this. In the second visual, I need to have Competitor 1 as the primary value because I want that title “Competitor 1” to show, rather than repeat “My Company”

Hi @ryendall
can you share the visual definition?

@ErikG Sorry, I’ve corrected the link now

Change the “Sort Order”

But then it shows “My Company” as the label, which is not what I require. With your example (sort order reversed), what I need to do is show the figure and label for the secondary value only, not the primary label/value

The screenshot in my original post shows what I’m trying to achieve. If there’s a different approach to achieve that, I’m open to it

But you would show something wrong, because the comparision you are interested in is “Competitor 1” vs. “My Company” (900 to 670). There the increase is 34,33%.

If you want that i guess you have to fake something.

In the second visual I want the % difference of My Company vs Competitor 1. So with your example where you change the order, you do get the correct figure of -25.56%. BUT above it I need to show the total and label for the SECONDARY value i.e Competitor 1.

Otherwise it just repeats “My Company” (as per the first visual) and the user has no idea what it’s being compared to. So yes, what you’ve shown above is what I need - how do I get it to do that?

Actually, I think I found a way to do it KPI secondary label

That’s more ore less what i showed you in my last screenshot :wink:

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